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Zdenko Domancic
GENERAL INFORMATIONS - training courses
Zdenko Domacic has always wanted to pass the knowledge from the field of his method on. He started with his training programmes two decades ago. His scholars come from all over the world. The training courses is grounded on a wish to make the performance of his method close to all people who are interested in the method. Many of his students intend to learn the method to help their dear ones. However, many also intend to make their living by practicing the Method of Zdenko Domancic, and choose it for their professional career. Furthermore, many seek the knowledge after they were able to observe good results of the treatment on patients in their own professions, whereas the results were the product of the Bioenergy Healing According to the Method of Zdenko Domancic.

The Method uses the Energy of Life - also known as Prana, Chi, Qi, BioPlasma, the Source, the Field, the Divine or numerous other names that all represent the same phenomena - in order to balance the energy level, stimulate the immune system, eliminate pain, regenerate the body and finally heal. The bioenergy healing therapist is helping to bring back the immune system to proper functioning - in such a way that the body would heal itself. The bioenergy therapy can be done in groups or individually. Great results are achieved also by distance.The bioenergy therapy is performed for four days running. If necessary, the cycle of four days can be repeated.

Level 1

Level 1 course 1 is intended to all of you who want to occupy yourself with practicing the bioenergy healing according to the Method of Zdenko Domancic professionally, or wish to acquire knowledge to help your dear ones. You will be taught about all the techniques used in this method, and how to use them at certain diseases or patients conditions. You will get instructions for bio energy healing techniques (HEALING TECHNIQUES) combined within specific protocols to fully practice the method and access the limitless healing potential. You will learn how to perform the PSYCHOKINESIS, which is a way of moving a patient in the standing position, or bending with energy. The following is performed without physically touching or hypnotizing. This technique helps to reach a person on a subconscious plane thus creating the transformation necessary for the body to heal on all levels. The techniques are used within a very  structured formula. There is a specific beginning, middle and end for each protocol. A Domancic therapist is given all the tools to build and maintain confidence in their work. As a therapist, you will trust that when you follow a specific protocol you will be the most effective for the best result. You will learn the codex which are a part of the methods philosophy and have to be followed and performed by the scholars. Furthermore, the bioenergy healing course is going to be carried out during the time of treatments in the Clinic, because we will wish you see and observe the results of the method you will be learning about. In the practical workshops carried out, you will get the same results. To heal all the diseases in the direct contact level course 1 is enough. To extend knowledge and to learn distance healing we invite you tolevel course 2.

1. Introduction to the method. Theory of bioenergy.
2. Everyday discussion panel.
3. Instructions how to practice biotherapy confidently.
4. Human energy system. Entering and connecting with biofield. Closing procedure and the healing meaning of “reset”.
5. 10 techniques according to Zdenko Domancic Method of Bioenergy Therapy (7 main to combine in protocols, 2 supporting and 1 as a base of each treatment).
6. Access the subconscious by using Psychokinesis: demonstration, explanation and practice.
7. Techniques and procedure how to optimize the immune system, improve blood circulation.
8. Step-by-step methodology for most common ailments.
9. Creating the transformation for the body to self-heal on all levels.
10. Quickly pain elimination.
11. Enhance the functions of a specific organ.
12. Healing procedure for 80+ diseases (working on affected areas).
13. Code of ethics as integral part of therapist’s working morals. Rules and regulations of Zdenko Domancic Method of Bioenergy Therapy.
14. Modes of transferring bioenergy. Medial state of mind and body. How to conduit the Energy of Life? How to become transmitter?
15. Feet treatment technique.
16. Questions and answers.
17. Program completion – certificates (as for online students certificates will be sent to your address).

• PRICE 750,00 EUR (VAT included)

Level 2

During the level 2 course you are going to supplement your knowledge to reach results in shorter time, and learn how to lead a group therapy according to the Zdenko Domancic’s method, successfully. We will demonstrate the power of using the Domancic Method long distance. You will see and feel the experience of being "touched" by energy at a distance.
The contents of the bioenergy healing course are: distance healing, mental hygiene, identifying the symptomatic of diseases or patient’s condition, psychology of ill people, earthly and technical radiation, geopathic stress, electro smog and other pathological influences are discussed. Those which affect our clients and slow healing process are discussed and solutions explained. Methodology of group bioenergy healing therapies: the quickest and strongest results are achieved through "Group Dynamics". Each therapist and each client in the group has a role that amplifies the healing process for the group as a whole. Through working in a group you can influence and use this amplification to benefit your clients: learn how to use group dynamics, single practitioner working with a group of clients, group of practitioners working together within a large group of clients, group healing, clinic.

1. Short overview of the level 1 program. Repetition of the acquired knowledge.
2. Bioenergy therapy according to Zdenko Domančić Method - observing treatments in clinical environment (each of 4 days)
3. Distance healing. When people in need are far away, you can practice bioenergy healing according to Domancic Method non - locally (at distance) with consistent and powerful results.
4. Distance treatment workshops. You will see and feel the experience of being affected at a distance.
Practical work and exercises through workshops (each day).
5. Disease symptoms (visual). What we can see when observing patients and what is to learn?
6. Psychology of the ill people.
7. Pathological impact and influences which affect our clients and slow healing like electro smog, radiation, home wiring, computers, electric clocks etc. The links between geopathic stress and degenerative disease. How to solve these problems in the most natural way.
8. Difficult cases when having treatment. Treatment procedure in conflict. One patients - many health conditions.
9. Healing animals - small and big. In flash and distance treatment. Healing plants.
10. Sport injuries including the most common types and the treatments available. Peak performance.
11. Dynamics of group therapy:
- Single practitioner working with a group of clients.
- Group of practitioners working together within a large group of clients.
- Clinic - Group Healing Event.
12. Initiation - raising the biofield vibrations. Your conductivity will increase.
13. Mental Hygiene for therapists.
14. Questions and answers.
15. Program completion – certificates (as for online students certificates will be sent to your address).

• PRICE 980,00 EUR (VAT included)

Level 3

After completing level 1 and level 2 courses of Domancic method of Bioenergy Therapy, each student has an option to complete Domancic method education with final exam (»Level 3«).

Level 3 is a 4 consecutive days certification process which consist of Theoretical exam and Practical work under supervision of mentor. It is preceded by 4 days practice in the clinic.
Becoming Certified Domancic Method Therapist will let you be recognized worldwide as a certified therapist of this method. You will be able to promote your self as such therapist, as long as you follow the Code of Conduct, already agreed on Level 1 course. The Purpose of Certification process is to ensure high standard of healing for the therapists that perform this method either part-time or as their full time profession.

It is a unique opportunity to work alongside Stjepan Domancic in Slovenia. All your work will be under supervision of one of the mentors in the clinic. It is also a motivation for all students and practitioners of this method to continue their personal development through practice and confirm their skills with this certification process.

Stjepan Domančić certifies student after completion of 4 day program, when shown theoretical knowledge has been sufficient and practical healing has been efficient (real patients with health issues who reserve their treatment in the Clinic on regular basis).
Theoretical exam consists of content covered in Level 1 and 2, and additionally human body anatomy, basic physiology, and common issues with patients we face when performing therapies. It is highly recommended that you practice this method after completing Level 1 course, and prior joining the Level 2 course, and do more practice before applying for Level 3. In practice we see that minimum of 1 year of practice is usually required, for the practitioner of this method to become skilled enough for passing Level 3. As you will be performing healing with mentor for four consecutive days, you will also need to be fit enough to sustain good performance throughout that time.
If certification was not successful, student can be given another opportunity after minimum of 3 months, without additional fee.

There are no specific dates for level 3. When you are ready, apply for it to the person who was your first contact and we will set time and conditions to undertake level 3 (exam).

• PRICE 2850,00 EUR (VAT included)
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