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cost of level 1 course 750 €
cost of level 2 course 980 €

  • Due to cost of money bank transfer or PayPal (each time split payment is done) international students are asked to pay full amount.
  • Payment of 750 euro for level 1 and 980 euro for level 2 should be done after registration is confirmed.
  • Only by making payment your attendance is secured.

    50% off 2nd person participating, same connection (it is valid only for online courses)

  • Repeating the course in the traditional form (clinic in Slovenia) for people from ONLINE courses is always FREE. You can also repeat for free of charge online but first confirm with us availability.
PAYMENT METHODS   |   bank money transfer   |   PayPal  on request  |   credit card

Payment via credit card, there is no additional fee. By clicking on the banner, you will be able to make payment.
International money bank transfer - due to be paid is 750 euro. Additional charges (if any) on customer's side.

Denis Zvegelj s.p.
Zeleška cesta 11a, 4260 Bled, SIovenia
Banka Intesa Sanpaolo d.d
IBAN SI56 1010 0004 5553 620

Title: name and surname of the participant
PayPal fee for the amount of 750 euro is 27 euro, therefore you will be directed to payment of 777 euro
Domancic Method Online Course

PAYMENT IS NON-REFUNDABLE, i.e. it is only possible to rebook the payment in the full amount to another course taking place during the next 6 months.

CAN THE ADVANCE PAYMENT BE REFUNDABLE IN ANYCASE AND IF WHEN? The advance payment may be returnable only when the obligation arises due to the advance payment, it will not be fulfilled, i.e. in the case of: cancellation of the course, change of the course date, change of the course location (other place).

By making payment, you agree to provide personal data needed in the process of enrollment, verification and preparation of relevant documents for the course and the implementation of the course by the company: Energia Vita, Martyna Fon Zvegelj (Poland), Denis Zvegelj S.P (Slovenia) and Domancic d o.o. (Slovenia). We only use the data to prepare certificates of completion. The address provided in the form is used only to send the certificate of completion of the course (stationary or online).

Trainning programme, the organizer, contractor of the school program and teachers:
Energia Martyna Fon Zvegelj, ul. Franciszka Klimczaka 13/41, 02-797 Warsaw, Poland. NIP 952 119 80 44, REGON 17396772
Denis Zvegelj s.p., Zeleška cesta 11a, 4260 Bled, SIovenia Davčna številka SI: 53520521
DOMANCIC storitve d.o.o. address: Parmova ulica 53, 1000 Ljubljana, Slovenia Davčna številka SI: 95971220, Matična številka: 8218242000

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